Musical Birthday Surprise!

I finally have the composure to thank Corey Fox of Velour Live Music Galleryand Dustin Christensen for starting my birthday off yesterday, with Some of the greatest musicians in the industry, who came into my store, through out the day and played live cuts from their CD's. Had no idea that Justin would be the first of many, where the store was filled with live music all day long and included some collaborations with other musicians. Because each musician that walked through the door was a complete and utter surprise and shock I want to thank them one at a time so I will make several posts to do so starting with Dustin. We listen to Dustin's CD several times a week/day and each song paints a picture I seem to relate to or one where it feels like it was written for me. A picture I want to be in or a look back at a life lived in the best times and the hard times. Powerful and meaningful. To sit just a few feet from this live performance where the poetry, amazing hand on the guitar and vocals are some of the best I have ever heard is just impossible to put into words. The lyrics and melodies still resonate in my heart and memory. Thank you Dustin for being one of my FAVORITE singer/song writers. Never had any idea that a year ago when Corey gave me your CD, telling me "You will love this guys work", that I would love it so much and that I would meet you and then you would play your awesome songs, live in the store. It really was an insane but absolutely incredible gift from you and the amazing Magic Wizard Man of Velour whose Big Top, Greatest Show on Earth tent has reached over into my little part of the world and allows the most amazing things to happen. This was surely one of those moments. So glad Sharron Evans and I, and others who were strolling through had this rare privilege and moment of time to have you sing a few songs for me on my birthday. I have always hated birthdays. This is one I loved. You are a major part of the reason. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. ps. My swollen eyes are a product of your newest tune and the last one you played. Should have taken the picture before that song. Can't wait for the new CD!

- Russ Evans -

Dustin Christensen, Russ Evans, Corey Fox

Wyatt Maxwell of Mad Max and the Wild Ones, Russ Evans, Pat Boyers of Desert Noises and Gypsy Cab, Corey Fox

Wyatt Maxwell Steel Guitar

Robbie Connolly, Russ Evans, Stuart Maxfield

Stuart Wheeler, Russ Evans, Jesse Quebbeman-Turley